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CaddieON helps you play smarter golf. And more fun too. CaddieON club tags and wrist device tracks your game automatically shot by shot without distractions. Your phone turns to a pro caddie, guiding your game and helping you to perform better. Share your results and highlights with your friends. Your next shot could be your best ever!

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Your game - shot by shot

Stick club tags to your clubs, wear the CaddieON wrist device, start a new game in the CaddieON app and your game is automatically tracked. Get the club distances and ball lie for each shot to your phone, you just focus on playing. The app fills your scorecard and provides you a full rangefinder with course maps.

Perform Perform

Play smarter, play better

Get key game statistics for each round and get a full picture of your game with pro-like statistics in player portal. Use your personal data already on the course to pick up right clubs and play smart. Analyze your strengths and areas for improvement after the game to guide your training.

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Socialize, of course!

Let your friends know your game highlights from the course. Share your results easily in Facebook, Twitter or CaddieON player portal and compare your results with other players. Make your golf social even outside the course.